2011 River Falls Days Parade-Most Humorous Unit
  • Friday July 8th, 2011 was the annual River Falls Days Parade and we were among the 109 units marching in the parade. This year’s theme was “Superheroes on the Kinni”. Our float featured “Super Steiner” holding an Air Conditioner on one arm, a lightening bolt in his free hand, and blocking a busted pipe with his foot, with the saying below him, “There’s no need to fear ‘Super Steiner’ is here!”.

    While marching in the parade Paul Steiner (Owner), David Sutton (Field Operations Manager), and Orv Handy (HVAC Technician) donned  superhero capes and a Steiner emblem on their shirts. Jack the dog even had his own Steiner emblem cape to wear. Although a very hot day to be walking in a parade, the water spraying out of the “busted pipe” provided a refreshing relief from the heat to onlookers who wanted to be sprayed.

    The winners of the River Falls Days Parade were noted in the July 21st River Falls Journal. Our float was chosen as the Most Humorous Unit. This is the second time we have received that honor; in 2007 we won Most Humorous Unit in the “Pirates on the Kinni” themed parade. In 2008 we won the Best Use of Theme (commercial) in the “Yippie-Kai-Yay on the Kinni” themed parade.

    Pictures of our float can be seen below.

    River Falls Days Parade 2011

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